Sub-franchise publishing


What is this?

You manage a section of For government as a franchise team
A small team, part or full time
Level of expertise
High: experience in communications/marketing, user experience, web writing, editorial and Queensland Government web standards


In-house skills

You have a small team with roles covering communications/marketing, user experience, editorial and technical skills.


Responsible for development, maintenance and overall quality of a section of For government.


Direct control

You directly control what you publish–in line with the best practice web design and communication standards of our operating manual.

Real-time publishing

Access the content management system with the log on we provide, then progress content through your approval workflow and publish.

Team induction and training

The core team provide induction and specialist training and tools for partners. We recommend that your team co-locate (even part-time) with the core team during the early stages of implementation. Our experience shows that this is the most effective way to share knowledge and get your team running autonomously.


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