Strategic talent acquisition candidate experiences survey

We want to improve the candidate experience for job seekers who apply for roles with the Queensland Government. We want to hear about your experience during the recruitment process, from when you applied for the role to when you received notification of the outcome.

Your answers will remain anonymous, in confidence, and be reported at a group level. If you’re interested to know more or have any questions, please contact the Public Service Commission at

When completing the survey please think about the most recent recruitment process that you participated in with the Queensland Government.

About the role

First some questions about the role.

About the recruitment process

Now some questions about the recruitment process.

Thinking about the process you went through to apply for the role, please indicate how much you agree or disagree with the following.

About you

Finally, some questions about you. These are optional, but we’d like to encourage you to complete them. If you do, it’ll help us understand the diversity of candidates interested in working for the Queensland public sector, and inform our future diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The information you provide will not be used in any way that would allow us to identify you or match you to any survey answers.