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Strategic HR capability

The Public Service Commission is developing human resource (HR) capability through an integrated, sectorwide approach that enables human resource professionals to support their business through:

  • strengthening profession identity
  • developing career pathways and broadening experience
  • deepening understanding of the business
  • expanding functional experience
  • developing specific HR cohorts
  • enhancing HR skills and leadership capability
  • strengthening professional networks.

SHR-CAD initiative

With a primary focus on development, the Strategic Human Resources - Capability Assessment and Development (SHR-CAD) initiative provides valuable insights into the knowledge and skills of strategic HR professionals to:

  • engage with stakeholders to identify the services they most value from HR
  • position HR to better support the business
  • provide agencies with a baseline to benchmark against the sector and monitor progress over time
  • support strategic HR professionals with a personal development plan.

The initiative was designed with 3 interlinking components:

  • Strategic Human Resources Competency Framework
  • Capability assessment - online online assessment of competencies through multi-rated feedback (self, supervisor, and customers)
  • Development component - participants received an individual report with data on strengths and areas for development, ‘development prioritisation’ matrix, and 70:20:10 development guide.

Almost 400 strategic HR professionals from across the sector completed SHR-CAD.