Stories and surveys from distributed work centre participants

Read some stories and feedback from our current participants and their managers about how the distributed work centre (DWC) experience benefits them.

Hear from our participants

Participant survey reports

The DWC is great. I hope more and more people use it. I still collaborate and meet with my team via Skype. I'm working one day per week and it has made such a change to my work/life balance and well-being.

Kylie Bobbermein, Transport and Main Roads participant at Maroochydore DWC.

Feedback from managers

Manager survey reports

The DWC at Robina really has been a huge benefit for my staff for a number of reasons. We really do support the continuation of both centres and hope the continue for many years.

Greg Moyle, Transport and Main Roads manager of participant at Robina DWC.

Real-life stories from participants

Lewis Young

Enterprise Architect, Department of Housing and Public Works

It's Monday morning. Instead of sitting on a train on his way into his Brisbane CBD office, Lewis Young is working at the DWC near his home at Ipswich.

Lewis is a supporter of the pilot and was a member of the project team.

‘It's had a positive impact on my work-life balance. I have extra time in the mornings before I go to work and the opportunity to do things after work in the afternoon with my family.

‘I gain about 2.5 hours a day in reduced travel time and save nearly $15 a day on public transport.

‘This is something I have been hoping would come about for years. I know there's been a few trials like this in the past when technology was a bit of an impediment. But, the technology and mobility solutions we have today means we can work anywhere at any time.’

Nigel Schmalkuche, Lewis' line manager, said the change of work environment had not impacted team efficiency.

‘I have regularly Skype conversations with Lewis. We've been able to easily share documents during those interactions and collaborate just as effectively as when he is in the main office.’

Cassie Wilson

Principal Advisor, Department of Transport and Main Roads

‘The DWC is a really positive experience. I actually get excited about having that change in work pattern.

‘I get to do my exercise and walk with my dog. That’s really important to me. With the commute to Brisbane I don’t get to do any of that during the week. Also, because I am new to the area during my breaks I get out in the fresh air and discover the local area. It’s surprising the real gems you find.

‘I manage two large IT contracts and they’re both in very busy implementation phases. The problem I’ve had to date, is getting up to speed on the products and activities. The DWC is very quiet, which I relish because I am not having interruptions at my desk. That said, people are friendly and do stop to say hello and find out more about each other.

‘I’ve met three other participants in my time out there. Listening to other people and hearing their stories and what they are working through with their agencies is really interesting. You find out there’s things in common with people you wouldn’t normally get to meet and talk with in a work environment. That cross-department knowledge is starting to generate by itself as we get to learn about the work we do across government. We are getting our own little networks.

‘The DWC hasn’t had any negative impacts on my work. I have daily Skype conversations with both project teams every working day of the week and that has continued out of the DWC. Having the right tools and technology in Ipswich has been critical to successful working at the DWC.’