Start, extend or finish a secondment

As a Queensland Government employee, you can undertake different roles across agencies as a secondment. This might be at an existing classification level, or at a higher or lower classification level.

See secondments, interchanges, and transfers for more information.

When an employee is seconded the existing manager and hiring manager need to notify Queensland Shared Services of the arrangement so we can update our records and ensure you continue to have access to our systems and get paid correctly.

What do I need to do?

Arrange a secondment in to your agency

To start a secondment, the hiring manager needs to initiate an appointment. They need to complete a My.Appointment form and select Secondment in under Type of appointment.

For secondments less than 3 months, an employee can remain on their current agency’s payroll. This needs to be agreed to by both agencies and indicated on the My.Appointment form.

Consider an arrangement with the host agency

Consider having the host agency continue to pay your secondee while they are employed by your agency. You can reimburse them. This saves a significant payroll change.

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