Servicing and repairs process

All QFleet vehicles are covered by the full manufacturer warranty. To comply with warranty conditions, vehicles should be serviced in accordance with the requirements specified in the owner’s handbook.

A fully maintained operating lease includes the costs of all scheduled servicing.

Approved service providers

While the selection of a QFleet approved service provider is up to you, it is recommended that a manufacturer authorised dealership is used.

QFleet would like to ensure its customers get the best possible service and attention from service providers and has identified service providers who meet QFleet quality standards.

No local approved service provider

Where there is no approved service provider in your area, you should use your discretion in deciding where the vehicle is serviced or repaired, or contact QFleet Maintenance Controllers for advice on 1800 061 819.

Six important steps for vehicle servicing and repairs

  1. When booking your service, advise the service provider that it is a QFleet vehicle.
  2. Before starting the required work, the service provider must contact QFleet Maintenance Controllers on 1800 061 819.
  3. The service provider will be asked to provide information on the nature and cost of the service or repairs, the vehicle registration number and current odometer reading.
  4. Upon approval, QFleet will authorise the service provider to proceed with the work
  5. When collecting the vehicle after servicing or repairs, please sign the service provider documentation to certify the work has been carried out to your satisfaction. The staff member picking the vehicle up is responsible to take note of any safety issues (such as tyres) advised by the service provider at the time, and either advise their fleet manager or rectify the issue ASAP.
  6. If you are not satisfied with the work performed, try to resolve the matter with the service provider. If this does not provide a satisfactory solution, advise QFleet Maintenance Controllers immediately on 1800 061 819 – they will take the matter up on your behalf.