Disaster Management Newsletter - Edition 5

Five editions in and we are still endeavouring to give you the information you are looking for. Please keep the questions coming as many of these questions have identified extra considerations, we may not have thought of.

Save the Date

There are several upcoming events that we encourage you to attend. Please save the dates for:

  • Monday 18 September 2023 (Time TBC) – RIT hosted “30 days to go” Townhall
  • Tuesday, 17 October 2023 10:00am – QFES hosted Thank-you BBQ (Invitations will be managed by QFES)
  • Monday, 23 October 2023 (Time TBC) – RIT hosted “Transition week” Townhall

Transition Guides

Transition guides for staff are currently being developed. The guides will be co-authored by QFES and QPS, with information about what to do and who to seek assistance from pre-and-post transition. We are working to have these guides ready for circulation by mid-September.

You can expect to see the following covered.

  • Transition checklist
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • ICT
  • Accommodation
  • Assets
  • FAQs

Please let us know if there are any other topics you would like to see covered via rit.feedback@police.qld.gov.au

New positions available – Emergency Management & Coordination Command (EMCC)

The QPS Transition Team are busily working on developing role descriptions for the new EMCC positions. New positions will include Warnings, Policy, Doctrine, Legal, Communication and Strategy. Very soon you will start seeing the new positions being advertised. Please check the Smart Jobs website for more information.

Engagement with Local Government

The Reform Implementation Taskforce (RIT) has begun communication with councils regarding the Disaster Management transition, with the emphasis on having no degradation of service during the upcoming disaster season.

The RIT will be reinforcing the following messages, firstly, there will be no degradation to the emergency services you have collectively grown to trust and respect in your communities. The RIT will ensure this by:

  • maintaining the current level of services and how they are delivered to councils
  • continuing support towards shared objectives
  • recognising councils’ local authority
  • honouring the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements (QDMA).

For the 47 staff transitioning from QFES to QPS on 30 October 2023

Staff will be contacted at times by representatives from QPS to ensure a streamlined transition is achieved.

To kick things off, members of the ICT Service Transition Project Team will contact transitioning staff this week, to confirm specific teams ICT needs.

Disaster Management Timeline

Questions and support

Given the critical importance of the reform program and the transition, we encourage you to actively engage with the Team. Reach out to us, seek guidance, and share any concerns or questions you may have regarding the transition.

We encourage you to visit the Disaster Management ForGov website for more information and to submit your questions. We are actively updating the Disaster Management FAQs and myth busters as a point of truth for all of your transition related queries.

Alternatively, contact our team through our online feedback form.

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to the success of the disaster management transition.


John Bosnjak

Business Reform Coordinator