Provide services through Queensland Government counters

Use Smart Service Queensland's (SSQ) Queensland Government service counters to provide support for your customers.


Queensland Government Service Centres (QGSC) and Queensland Government Agent Program (QGAP) offices are located throughout Queensland.

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Customer support

QGSC and QGAP offices provide:

  • cross-government information and services
  • face-to-face contact
  • the option of phones and computers for customers to resolve their query
  • short-term assistance for intensive public outreach campaigns.

Serving customers

SSQ provide tailored service packages for simple tasks such as supplying information, receiving payments and bookings, or more complex tasks that can be personalised for your needs.

How much does it cost?

We charge a standard flat per-minute rate for services delivered via QGSCs and a standard per-hour rate—or a negotiated flat rate—for services delivered via QGAPs.