Send mail

QSS does not provide this service to your agency

Please check your intranet for this information.

To save your agency money, use internal mail wherever possible—it costs much less than Australia Post.

Send mail internally

Queensland Shared Services (QSS) delivers internal mail to most government agencies in the Brisbane CBD and some regional areas for some agencies.

Mail between government departments must be in an internal envelope and weigh less than 500g.

Remember to cross out all previous addresses on internal envelopes and address as below:

  • Name
  • Department name
  • Unit name and physical street address
  • PO or GPO Box

Contact us to check whether you can use internal mail for an address.

Sending overseas mail


  • If a letter is marked ‘documents only ’ and is under 500g, no customs declaration is required.
  • If a parcel is under 2kg/$500 value, it needs customs form CN22.
  • If a parcel is over 2kg/$500 value, it needs customs form CP72.

Customs forms are available at Australia Post outlets.

Sending external mail—Standard letter

The dimensions of a standard letter are:

  • 130mm x 240mm
  • 5mm thickness
  • 250g.

Visit Australia Post's postage and delivery times page for other mail dimensions.

Sending external mail—Large letter

A large letter exceeds at least one of the standard letter dimensions and is:

  • rectangular
  • no larger than 260mm x 360mm
  • no thicker than 20mm
  • not more than 500g.

Visit Australia Post's postage and delivery times page for other mail dimensions.

Sending external mail—Parcel

An item is a parcel if one or both of the following apply:

  • exceeds 20mm thickness
  • weighs over 500g.

The maximum dimensions of a parcel are:

  • 105cm in length
  • 140cm in girth
  • 16kg.

Visit Australia Post's postage and delivery times page for other mail dimensions.

How do I send it?

  • Ensure your return address identifies your section and agency.
  • Attach a note saying ‘QSS Mail to collect,’ and leave it at your mailing point.
  • If chargeback is required, note the cost centre or WBSE on the front the parcel.
  • Use Australia Posts' dangerous and prohibited items guide to check your parcel is safe to send.

How do I send it?

Place your mail in the QSS mail satchel at your mail point. We collect satchels daily.

When you receive mail in a QSS satchel, remove it from the satchel and turn the satchel label over so it is ready for the next collection. Do not remove the satchel from your mail point.

Express post

Express Post is an Australia Post service guaranteeing next day delivery (read conditions). You can purchase Express Post envelopes from any post office with your corporate card.

Registered Post

You can get proof of postage and delivery by using Registered Post to track Australia Post mail.

You can purchase Registered Post articles from any post office or order them in bulk with your corporate card.

Remember to keep the customer portion of the envelope to track your item.

Sending external mail—Bulk mail

If you're sending more than 3 Australia Post boxes, it's a bulk mail out.

To arrange a bulk mail out, send a request 24 hours before collection.

Sending external mail—Heavy item

If your parcel is over 22kg, you'll need to use a courier.

Book a courier

Frequently asked questions

Can I send files through internal mail?

Yes, if they're packaged in an internal envelope and weigh less than 500g.

Where do I get an internal mail envelope?

Download a label to create an internal mail envelope (PDF, 46 KB).

How do I get help?

Contact us

How do I update my address?

Update your location information on the GovNet directory to get your mail on time. QSS Mail uses this to locate employees when sorting incorrectly addressed mail.

Who do I tell if my office is relocating?

Complete the mail relocation form (PDF, 111 KB) 2 weeks in advance and send to We'll reformat your mail run, arrange delivery to your new department and notify third party providers.

We do not redirect individual employee's mail, only business units.

What are your delivery timeframes?

Log in to the QSS Self Service Centre to read our service agreements.