Role description tips


When developing and/or reviewing role descriptions it is important to ensure they are both inclusive and accessible. The following are some tips to assist in achieving this goal.

Tips for demonstrating inclusion

Suggestion Example
Including your agency’s commitment to inclusion within the agency synopsis. Example wording:


We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace by supporting equal opportunities irrespective of gender, culture, generation, sexual orientation or impairment. We promote a respectful workplace culture that is free from all forms of harassment, workplace bullying, discrimination and violence. We recognise the importance of supporting and retaining a mobile, flexible and agile workforce.

Inclusive language Review your role descriptions and ensure inclusive language is used throughout.
Encourage disclosure so appropriate adjustments can be made during the recruitment process. Example wording:


All applicants are encouraged to advise the panel of any additional support or reasonable adjustments required during the recruitment process in order to ensure they can demonstrate their ability to meet the inherent requirements of the role.

Including, within the additional information section, reasonable adjustment statement. Example wording:


This department has a reasonable adjustment policy. If you are the successful applicant, the department will work with you to ensure reasonable adjustments are made in the workplace to enable you to work safely and productively.

Invite requests for alternative formatting of vacancy information. Example wording:


You are invited to request alternative formats of all vacancy information via email Please provide details on formats that will ensure accessing this information is possible e.g. PDF, large print, accessible Word.  

Accessibility considerations

Suggestion Example
Text boxes People who use screen reading software may not be able to read information included in text boxes within a Word document. This includes headers and footers.


Solution: provide an accessible word version as well as the normal role description document or PDF the document.

Colour and shading In some instances, people with low vision will have difficulty with reading information highlighted with colour and or shading.


Solution: consider not using colour and shading as part of the role description document or alternatively remove shading and only using contrasting colours.

TTY/Telephone relay Provide the option of TTY/Telephone relay in addition to a telephone number.