Register to use a distributed work centre

To access one of the distributed work centres (DWC), you need to register with the program.


To be eligible for the program, you must:

  • be a Queensland Government employee
  • reside in the catchment where the DWC is located
  • currently commute to a Brisbane CBD-based workplace.

Could this work for you?

You can work for up to 3 days per week at a DWC. You select which days you work at the DWC, depending on your agreement with your manager and the availability of workpoints on your preferred days.

Using a DWC is free of charge to your department, but your agency will need to supply you with the required technology. You’ll also need to be able to connect to your department’s IT platform to access your email and shared files.

You might be suitable to work at a DWC if you are:

  • self-sufficient and can work autonomously
  • tech savvy and able to manage your own connectivity and technology requirements
  • prepared to network with other participants
  • flexible and interested in trialling alternative ways of working
  • prepared to take part in surveys and data collection exercises
  • willing to act as an advocate to promote the DWC program.

Read the new starter kit (PDF, 1.31 MB).

Talk to your manager

If you think that working from the DWC would suit your role, talk to your manager about how this arrangement might work.

You should discuss:

  • the type of work you do, and how well you can work autonomously
  • how often you should work from the DWC (up to 3 days a week), and which days suit you and your manager
  • the tools and protocols for communication between you and your manager
  • the technology required to enable mobile working
  • any impacts to the cohesion of the work team and how you’ll manage this.

Once you have your manager’s support, you can submit your nomination form.

Get support for your DWC discussions

Consider your technology requirements

Your department will need to commit to funding and supplying the technology required for you to work at a DWC. This equipment needs to be up-to-date to enable effective and seamless mobile working. Your department will need to enable your access to departmental systems through the internet.

DWCs do not provide landline desk phones, computers, or printers. You’ll have to plan ahead to print documents on the days you’re at your normal workplace.

We do not provide IT support for the DWC pilot, so you’ll need to call your agency helpdesk if you are having trouble connecting to your agency’s network.

Submit the nomination form

Once you have your manager’s support, you need to:

  1. complete the nomination form (PDF, 242 KB)
  2. have it approved by your manager
  3. send the completed, signed form to

Complete the induction

Once you have been registered and approved to join the DWC, we will email the induction package to you. You must complete this before you can start working at the DWC. 

The induction covers:

  • your technology requirements
  • house rules
  • your role in promoting DWCs
  • the location and work environment
  • building emergency training and security swipe card access
  • how to book a workpoint.

You’re ready to begin

Once you’ve registered and done the induction, you’re free to use the DWC.

Find out more

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