Recordkeeping and information management community of practice

The Community of Records and Information Managers (CORIM) forum is for recordkeeping and information management practitioners to connect with each other, discuss issues, challenges, solutions, ideas and opportunities, and to request advice from peers.

For more information on the Community of Records and Information Managers (CORIM) forum, read the blog Introducing CORIM… the forum.

Lead agency

Queensland State Archives


  • Recordkeeping and information professionals working for or with the Queensland Government.
  • Recordkeeping and archival professionals in other jurisdictions.

Note: to view and participate in this forum, you must have a For Government user account or have been added to the permissions list to access the forum.

If you wish to participate in this forum and cannot create a For Government user account, please send a request to join to Queensland State Archives. You will need to provide your name, your organisation, and your work email address.


  • Share information and experiences, and learn from each other.
  • Discuss recordkeeping and information management issues, challenge, solutions and ideas.
  • Promote and share achievements of agencies’ recordkeeping and information management activities.
  • Request and receive advice and assistance from other agencies
  • Collaborate on recordkeeping and information management projects and initiatives.
  • Identify and solve recordkeeping and information management issues and challenges.
  • Identify and promote opportunities to improve the maturity of recordkeeping and information management in government.


QSA Client Services team (Government Records Innovation)
(07) 3037 6630