Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel

The Queensland Urban Design and Places Panel provide the government with independent expert advice on the design of major infrastructure and urban-planning projects.

This will give state agencies and local governments the opportunity to obtain advice about best-practice design and place-making to deliver better outcomes for Queensland communities.

Role of the panel

The panel will be able to advise on:

  • urban design
  • urban planning
  • engineering
  • commercial assessment
  • development economics
  • architecture
  • other built-environment aspects.

The panel will be responsible for:

  • championing high-quality architecture and urban design as a way to create greater prosperity for the broader Queensland community
  • fostering a more holistic approach to best practice in place-making, land use and infrastructure planning
  • supporting economically sustainable, vibrant and adaptable urban places for people in Queensland
  • promoting community and industry awareness of the link between superior urban design and economic advantage and to spread the message that ‘good design makes good business sense’.

Benefits of involving the panel

State government agencies and local government can benefit significantly by involving the Urban Design and Places Panel, particularly in the early stages of project development and delivery.

These benefits include:

  • maximising the value and return from infrastructure and urban-development projects by obtaining advice on procurement processes and project risks
  • ensuring government policy on urban design and planning is considered to supporting economic growth
  • the ability to mobilise a team quickly to provide best-practice specialist advice and development-oriented expertise to government agencies, local government and private sector proponents.

Panel membership

The panel is chaired by the Queensland Government Architect, Malcolm Middleton, who has a distinguished career as an urban designer and architect in private practice and is recognised nationally.

Current panel members

On 30 January 2020, the following panel members were appointed:

  • Ms Lindy Atkin
  • Ms Catherine Baudet
  • Mr Marcus Brown
  • Mr Cameron Bruhn
  • Ms Catherin Bull
  • Ms Cathryn Chatburn
  • Mr Peter Edwards
  • Ms Shaneen Fantin
  • Mr Luke Franzmann
  • Ms Kirsti Fraser Simpson
  • Ms Paula Grant
  • Ms Alice Hampson
  • Mr Chris Isles
  • Mr Paul Jones
  • Ms Leah Lang
  • Dr Michael Lavery
  • Ms Helen Lochhand
  • Mr Toby Lodge
  • Mr Michael Rayner
  • Mr Peter Richards
  • Ms Jenny Ryan
  • Mr Andrew Smith
  • Ms Bridget Smyth
  • Ms Caroline Stalker
  • Mr Michael Stott
  • Mr Shy Tay
  • Mr James Tuma
  • Ms Nathalie Ward
  • Mr Simon White
  • Mr Ruth Woods

More information 

Email the panel at qld.gov.architect@hpw.qld.gov.au.