QSS services during COVID-19 FAQs

Queensland Shared Services (QSS) is committed to maintaining service delivery during business disruptions of the type currently being experienced.

Here are some answers to questions customers have already asked.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any changes to the performance standards in the QSS SLA?

What is the QSS business continuity plan (BCP)?

How can I help QSS deliver services efficiently during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Can I use digital signatures to complete QSS PDF forms?

Where do I find QSS PDF forms?

How do I access QSS applications (e.g. SAP and Aurion) while working from home?

How will my agency's mail service continue?

Why are my telecommunications requests taking longer than expected?

How is QSS assisting with the implementation of the Directive 01/20?

Have a question not listed?

Email QSSCRM@chde.qld.gov.au with your question. We'll update this page as needed.