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QSS’s One Number initiative

Lead agency: 
Queensland Shared Services
Start date: 
June 2018
End date: 
April 2019


Queensland Shared Services (QSS) has more than 100 phone numbers. This leads to customer confusion. They don’t know who to call. When they do call, they’re often passed on to someone else because they’ve come through to the wrong area.

Having so many phone numbers makes it hard to measure customer experience and service levels. For some areas, it’s not known how many calls they receive or the purpose of each call.

The One Number initiative will reduce the number of QSS phone numbers and introduce a 1300 number that customers can call.

Agencies involved

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
Agriculture and Fisheries
Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland
Child Safety, Youth and Women
Communities, Disability Services and Seniors
Electoral Commission Queensland
Employment, Small Business and Training
Environment and Science
Housing and Public Works
Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games
Inspector-General Emergency Management
Justice and Attorney-General
Legal Aid Queensland
Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs
Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
Office of Industrial Relations
Premier and Cabinet
Public Safety Business Agency
Public Service Commission
Queensland Ambulance Service
Queensland Corrective Services
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
Queensland Police Service
Queensland Shared Services
Queensland State Archives
Queensland Treasury
State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning
Transport and Main Roads


  • Makes it easier for customers to call QSS. Saves customers time and increases the chance of a first call resolution.
  • Helps QSS understand why customers are calling, which will influence QSS priorities.
  • Improves QSS reporting and call monitoring, which will support efforts for greater service consistency and efficiency.

Key milestones

  • On 1 February 2019, we implemented the new 1300 146 370 number for QSS. Most enquiries now come through this number.
  • We've updated the QSS contacts page, and other relevant pages, on For government.
  • All existing QSS numbers that 1300 146 370 has replaced will be decommissioned towards the end of March.

Project phase

Implementation activities in readiness for go-live.


Angela Cannon
(07) 3035 0610
Angela.Cannon [at] dsiti.qld.gov.au