Publishing tips for BQ

We publish Business Queensland (BQ) web content from multiple Queensland Government departments.

Follow these tips to get the best results for your online content for business and industry customers.

1. Talk to us when you are ready to start

We're here to help. 

Email when you are ready to get started.

2. Consider us in your forward schedule

Notify us of upcoming work, communicate critical updates and keep us up to date if plans change.

3. Provide as much lead time as possible

We will provide editorial guidance and support to improve content, but this will be challenging if the content is already approved and has become urgent.

4. Include contact details

Let us know who the best contact person is (and a back-up, if possible), so we know who to talk to when we need assistance.

5. Plan your content in detail

Planning every detail before content is published is critical.

For example, changes to titles will affect BQ web page URLs and missing hyperlinks may delay web content publishing.

Make sure you organise and communicate all URLs, publishing deadlines and any other relevant details so we don't have to chase up content at the last minute.

6. Contact your communications team for help (if needed)

Seek help rather than trying to put together new content without editorial support.

7. Consider ABLIS

For new content, consider whether it should be published on BQ and the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS).

We update ABLIS so Queensland businesses can to identify relevant state, territory, local and Australian government licences, permits, approvals, regulations and codes of practice. 

Businesses can use ABLIS to obtain detailed licensing information and manage compliance obligations.

Your agency may already have content on ABLIS or may need to publish content on ABLIS to make sure businesses can search for licencing information properly. 

8. Know which content should be published where

When planning your online content, think about where it should be published before you start writing.


Remember that BQ and ABLIS are for businesses - they are not channels for political gain or messaging. Write content that is actionable and relevant to Queensland business owners, intenders or investors.

Corporate sites

If your content is about an internal business group, for the media, or not actionable for Queensland business owners or intenders, it may be more relevant to your department's corporate site.

Citizen franchise sites

If your content is for a citizen audience (e.g. parents, seniors), it may be more appropriate to publish on

Decide which website to publish your content on.

Intranets or For government franchise

If your content is for internal staff, it may be relevant to your department's intranet site. 

The For government website suits content for public servants from a number of Queensland Government departments.

Publications Portal

Documents must be published to the Publications Portal or your department’s corporate website.

9. Mark up changes to existing content

Go to the live BQ page (ensure you're marking up the live content and not a previous version), and copy the URL and text into a Word document.

Turn on tracked changes and make your changes. Ensure all comments are resolved before sending content to us. Updates to URLs often get lost in mark-up and should be highlighted by also entering as a comment.

10. Submit new content using the right template

Please submit new content for BQ using the mini-guide template or guide template. 

Ensure all comments are resolved before sending content to us. 

URLs should be highlighted by also entering as a comment.

11. Coordinate updates and submit changes

Submit new content or update existing content for BQ and ABLIS at the same time.

This helps us to prioritise, schedule and coordinate publishing in the 2 content management systems.

12. Get in touch if you have a question or concern

Get help by contacting us.