Publish updated BQ content

The Business Queensland (BQ) team reviews all submitted content before publishing to ensure it meets the standards and guidelines for Queensland Government websites.

Before you submit updated content, you may like to:

  • liaise with your customer requirements contact for advice on timelines, our capacity and the best way to present your content
  • notify us of upcoming work to give us a heads up about future, time-sensitive updates.

Our editorial quality assurance (EQA) process involves reviewing your content for consistency with:

  • QGov web writing and style guide
  • BQ style guides and spelling lists
  • principles of writing for the web, such as using plain English, grammar, etc.
  • tone and voice appropriate to target audience.

Submit your updated content

There are 2 ways to submit updated content for publishing on BQ:

  • Workflow—if you have distributed author access to the BQ content management system (CMS)
  • Word document—if you don’t have direct access to the BQ CMS

Workflow input

Read more about publishing workflow when you become a BQ author.

Word document input

  1. Submit your content using our Service Desk. Copy and paste the existing content and URL into a Word document and turn on Track changes to mark up your updates. Before submitting, please ensure:
    • you’ve used Word’s track changes and comment functions to clearly outline your changes
    • all hyperlinks are highlighted using comments
    • any comments from the approval process are finalised.
  2. A BQ content designer will review and EQA your content.
  3. If changes are recommended, we will send you the edited content for clarification and final approval.
  4.  Once you’ve gained final approvals for any changes, resubmit your content by commenting on your request in Service Desk or responding to the auto-response email for the request.
  5. Our content design team will update and publish the content in BQ.
  6. We will notify you when your content is live on BQ, so you can review and confirm you’re happy with the published content. We will also ask you to:
    • confirm the review schedule for your content (typically 6 or 12 months, but dependant
    • on content) and if this update counts as a full page review
    • confirm details for our listed subject matter expert we can contact to review the content.