Publish an event on For government

Is your event suitable?

To publish on For government, your event must be Queensland Government supported and for government employees.

We don’t publish events organised by private enterprise that are not connected to, or supported by, a Queensland Government agency. 

Publishing options

You have 2 options when it comes to publishing an event on For government. You can publish an event preview or an event page.

Event preview

Use an event preview if you’d like readers to visit another website (e.g. Eventbrite) for more information.

An event preview appears on the Events page. When a reader selects the event, the link takes them directly to the external website. 

You’ll need to provide the:

  • event title—the name of your event
  • summary—a short description telling readers what your event is about
  • date, time and location—when and where your event is taking place
  • URL—the web address of the website containing more information about your event.

Event page

Use an event page to publish the details of your event on For government.

A preview of your event will appear on the Events page. When a reader selects the event, the link takes them to the For government event page.

Along with the details listed above for the event preview, you’ll need to provide the:

  • RSVP date—when attendees must register by
  • description—more information about the event and how to register
  • audience—agencies, professions and roles that your event applies to
  • contact details—name and email of the event organiser.

You’ll need an image

If you’re publishing an event page, it must have a banner image. It needs to be 1630 x 300px in size. If you’re unable to source an image, contact the CX Design team at

Ready to publish?

If you have publishing rights

Visit the For government content briefs page and draft your content using the event page content brief. Read the For government CMS user guide (DOCX, 5.34 MB) for publishing tips. Once your content brief is approved, publish your event.

If you don’t have publishing rights 

Use the Submit content to publish on For government form. We’ll review your event, provide editorial advice, and publish it for you.

If you can’t use the online form, visit the For government content briefs page and draft your content using the event page content brief. Email the completed version to

Need help?

If you need advice or have questions, please email the CX Design team at