Provide services through Queensland Government counters

You can deliver your agency’s services to Queenslanders via Queensland Government service counters. Smart Service Queensland operates 2 types of service counters:

  • Queensland Government Agent Program (QGAP) counters: a network of one-stop government service shops in rural and remote communities
  • Queensland Government Service Centres (QGSCs): cross-government integrated service counters in Brisbane, Cairns and Maroochydore.

Process overview

In general, this is how customers are guided to your business.

  1. Customer visits Queensland Government counter
  2. Customer query
  3. Either:
    • Customer service advisor resolves
    • If service not delivered at the counter, customer is given the service contact details
  4. Customer query resolved

Counter service options

Connecting customers

Customer service advisors refer customers

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Smart Service Queensland client agencies
Smart Service Queensland
Contact information provided on the spot
Assisted self-service kiosk at our QGSC counters for free use of phone and computer
No cost to client agencies

Serving customers

Customer service advisors complete transactions

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Smart Service Queensland client agencies
Skilled customer service staff trained in service delivery
Customers can complete transactions or be connected to other services in the same visit
QGSC services: standard flat rate per minute, QGAPs: standard per-hour rate or a negotiated flat rate