5. Information systems planning

The third planning stream for the Department of Energy and Public Works (EPW) in relation to office accommodation relates to information technology (IT) systems and information management procedures.

EPW uses IT systems to support its office accommodation planning function. This includes a space management system (iSPACE).

This system and their operating procedures are reviewed annually as part of the department's business-planning process and plans are developed for upgrades and enhancements to the system and procedures as required.

Interim improvements are also incorporated during the year as appropriate. System changes are subject to a formal change management process.

5.1 iSPACE

The iSPACE system measures building areas electronically and accounts for tenanted areas, common areas, vacancies and core areas. The electronic space measurement methodology is based on the Property Council of Australia's industry standard Guide for Measurement of Lettable Area.

EPW is responsible for operating this system, including:
  • planning for system requirements
  • developing standard procedures for managing information within the system
  • managing the sharing of data with other agencies.

The electronically-measured areas are used to generate invoices for rent and other building services for owned office buildings and privately leased tenancies.