Preview content

If you are a Business Queensland (BQ) author you should always preview content before publishing to ensure the content is appearing correctly (formatting, side modules, links etc.).

We also offer separate preview accounts, with limited permissions, to allow agency clients without Matrix access to preview content before publishing.

Preview content in Matrix


  1. Right-click on the asset and select Preview.
  2. In the Preview section (lower half of screen), select Open preview in new window.


  1. In the top toolbar, select Preview.
  2. Select Edit to return to the editing suite to update or publish.

Previewing accounts

BQ offers 2 preview accounts for our client agencies to use. 

The 'BQpreview' account is the most commonly used. 

'CustomerPreview' is only used when an agency requires external user acceptance testing.


To use BQpreview, you will need to provide your stakeholders with the: 

  • top-level URL of the section you want them to preview
  • username
  • password.

Once stakeholders have logged in, they can view under construction or safe edit content and navigate through the site.

To log out, users need to close all windows in their browser session.

Request BQpreview username and password details


The CustomerPreview account is used by BQ author agencies for user acceptance and other testing.

The account allows users to see content within a very specific area of the site, but not to see content unrelated to what they're testing.

The CustomerPreview account can be activated with a new password on request, and deactivated afterwards.

Submit a request to activate the CustomerPreview account, and provide the asset number and title of the BQ section you want to access.