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Prequalification for transport and infrastructure services

The Department of Transport and Main Roads manages work through a tender process and various construction and maintenance contract arrangements.

Tenders are generally called for construction projects. In general, tenders will only be considered for major works using the road construction contract (RCC) document if the tenderer is currently prequalified. The prequalification level of the tenderer must be equal to or greater than the advertised project level for the works.

Business is awarded using the Queensland transport and roads investment program (QTRIP) which sets out capital works and maintenance proposals and the Transport infrastructure project delivery system (TIPDS) which determines the delivery options for major works and projects.

The list of business awarded by the department is on QTenders for:

  • awarded contracts and standing offer arrangements of $10,000 and over
  • additional details of contracts and standing offer arrangements of $10 million and over.