Prepare for a MOG change

Follow these best practices to help you be prepared for a machinery-of-government (MOG) or administrative change:

  • use good recordkeeping procedures and processes
  • limit the number of record format types you use to make records easier to manage and transfer
  • keep each function separate in your recordkeeping application–this will make it clear what records belong to which function and help prevent orphaned records or losing information
  • include or link to finance and administration activities associated with functions
  • know your records and your functions–what you have, where they are and who your customers are
  • know how the costs are distributed and how they will be managed, including the cost of off-site storage
  • develop and use functional schedules–they list the records created as part of that function and make it easier for the successor authority to legally dispose of records they inherit
  • create good control records and detailed metadata to help:
    • identify the records involved
    • ensure they remain usable and accessible post-transfer
    • maintain the history and authenticity of the record.
  • know which business areas are responsible for which functions, and which records they create–you can make a note of this in your information asset register or recordkeeping system
  • lawfully destroy records when you can to minimise your volume of records.

Document your actions throughout the change so that you and your agency can identify problem areas and learn from them for the next MOG or administrative change.