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Michael Krebs

Senior Revenue Officer, Office of State Revenue

Previous People Matters participant Michael Krebs

People matters allowed me to reflect on what I’m doing in my role and whether I’m achieving the best results I can for other people.

I find the greatest obstacle in the workplace is generally people have no insight—the I’m right, you’re wrong mentality.

I enjoyed the program because it made me sit back and think about my own default mechanisms in daily situations and ask myself, ‘Is this the most effective way?’. 

Nine out of 10 times it is, but it’s good to look at every scenario and approach instead of leading with your default setting. 

People matters was a fascinating process. It gave me the opportunity to examine my own behaviours. Rarely am I questioned or do I question myself—is my approach the best approach?

I received honest feedback from the facilitators and other participants, and it gave me a lot to think about and where I can improve.

I met people who I wouldn’t normally have much to do with in a work environment and got their perspective. It was a bit of an awakening. 

I’ve not only developed my work-based behaviours, but I am able to use what I learnt and adapt it to my non-work relationships.

Melodie Lowe

Previous People Matters participant Melodie Lowe

Clinician (Psychologist), Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

By completing People matters, I’m able to provide constructive feedback and have a better framework for listening to others.

The models taught in the program have given me the confidence to be more open about giving and receiving information—my communication is more targeted.

I’ve changed my workplace behaviour. I shake hands differently and use body language more effectively when I need people to listen and when I’m facilitating groups. It’s enabled me to adapt my style to the audience and purpose. As a result, my confidence has increased.

In my role, I don’t manage a team but I do provide supervision to provisional psychologists. I’ve changed my supervision style so it aligns to the situation leadership theory—based on what their needs are I can adapt my style to achieve positive outcomes. 

I’ve also used some of the team-building exercises in our office and regional practitioner meetings. 

The benefits of the program have been quite pervasive. It’s one of the better programs I’ve attended, based on what I’ve been able to take away and use. 

The facilitators were great and had a good understanding of government, which helped put things in context.

Luzette Hutchen

Previous People Matters participant Luzette Hutchen

Team leader, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

Since completing People matters, I’ve been using the frameworks to achieve results, promote effective communication and deal with conflict in a proactive way.

Those who communicate lead and those who lead must communicate…I clearly remember this from the program and it has become my mantra.

I’m not holding anything back. Staff know what I’m saying is the most up-to-date information. It helps build their trust in me.

The program has given me the tools to grow and develop my leadership style.

In every day work, I’ve been working collaboratively. Before I had teams that weren’t productive and now I have teams who are self-governed and proactive. 

Giving the teams more autonomy has given them a sense of achievement and confidence in doing their role. 

If you give people more of a chance to do their job and be involved early in the process, they produce more and are more likely to follow through. 

The People matters program complemented our in-house supervision program really well. It was easy to understand and very practical. I was able to come back to my service centre and pass on my learnings to others. The facilitators also presented it in an exceptional way.

Having done management many years ago when I was young, I didn’t understand the concepts behind leadership and management and different styles and frameworks around it. This program really spelled it out for me. 

It was very informative and I felt fortunate to have been involved. I really invested in the process and reaped many rewards. 

Justine Axelsen

Previous People Matters participant Justine Axelsen

Investigations officer, Office of State Revenue

There was a lot of content to get through, but I learnt a great deal about my interactions with people—how I impact on them, what they are doing that impacts on me, and how we can make it work better for everyone. 

People matters gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in these situations. 

We’re all different and it’s great to be acknowledged that as a workforce we can see and help make it work for all of us. 

Acknowledging the uniqueness within a workforce helped me learn about myself. Things we assume we do, but don’t know why. 

The program’s participants were diverse and it was a great opportunity to make connections with people in different business areas and locations.

The presenters were engaging. They allowed the environment to foster ideas, where you could be comfortable with what you were talking about, and feel supported…there were no wrong answers.

Being new to the public sector, I was surprised such a program was available. I would recommend it to all staff.


Michael Krebs

Melodie Lowe