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People influencer - HR Competency Framework

Professional competency

  • Curious and candid
  • Innovator and risk translator
  • Credible activist

Curious and candid

A penchant for seeking out new experiences and knowledge, with an openness for candid feedback, learning and change.


  • Seeks to understand the business of the organisation through proactively gaining experience across business disciplines and functions
  • Demonstrates emotional intelligence in tailoring communications to suit the business audience to effect outcomes
  • Proactively seeks and is engaged and open to performance feedback from a range of customers
  • Drives strategic HR through courageous conversations with the business and shares the latest trends in best practice HR

Key supporting skills

  • Stakeholder and customer engagement
  • Interpersonal communication with influence

Innovator and risk translator

Takes a ‘yes, if…’ approach: Continuously seeks to innovate and improve. Understands and takes advantage of the broad spectrum of human capital risk and investment.


  • Quantifies workforce opportunities and risks in language the business can use to enable improvement
  • Contributes to and advises the business on opportunities and risks that impact on the workforce
  • Works with leaders to create an environment where people share ideas openly, learn from mistakes and recognise and reward improvement efforts
  • Continuously challenges and rethinks current ways of working which add value to the organisation

Key supporting skills

  • Proactive risk management
  • Interpretation of complex information and situations
  • Problem solving

Credible activist

Gains credibility through knowledge of business and HR discipline and influences through the provision of valued insights.


  • Applies HR professional knowledge and systems thinking to provide credible insights and accurate advice which influences decision making
  • Demonstrates a track record of achieving positive results for the organisation in partnership with leaders
  • Applies and continuously grows HR professional knowledge to improve productivity and organisational outcomes
  • Builds and draws on a strong professional network to support business priorities and outcomes

Key supporting skills

  • Contemporary HR professional knowledge across the employee lifecycle
  • Implementation and delivery
  • Relationship management