1.2 Scope of application

The Office Accommodation Management Framework (OAMF) applies to all Queensland Government departments as defined in s8 of the Financial Accountability Act 2009 and to all Queensland Government statutory authorities that are wholly or partly funded through the Queensland State Budget.

The OAMF does not specifically apply to Queensland Government-owned corporations but accommodation-related guidelines, standards and services provided by the Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) are available to those corporations on an advisory and/or commercial basis, if required. Implementing the OAMF can potentially achieve significant accommodation savings and efficiencies, and its adoption by self-funded statutory authorities and Queensland Government owned corporations is recommended.

The OAMF applies to Queensland Government commercialised business units.

The OAMF also applies to accommodation leased from agencies other than HPW. Government Office Accommodation Committee has approved that the occupancy management of all accommodation leased by one agency from another is the responsibility of HPW. The revenue resulting from such leasing activities is to be collected by HPW on Queensland Treasury's behalf.

Such accommodation includes:

  • office space
  • storage space
  • warehouse space
  • car parking
  • operational space generally.

Accommodation leased by one agency from another should be subject to commercially equivalent rental in order to reflect the true cost of service delivery. When a commercial rental is not readily identifiable, advice should be sought from HPW in relation to establishing a fair and reasonable rental.

Leases and rental are not applicable when the facility is jointly owned by the occupying agencies. In these cases, occupancy management is undertaken by the agencies that own and occupy the facility.