1.1 Introduction to Section 1 of the OAMF

Section 1 of the OAMF establishes the: 

  • general context 
  • purpose 
  • scope 
  • operating principles 
  • roles and responsibilities of the Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW), other agencies and Shared Service Providers  
  • potential involvement of the Government Office Accommodation Committee and the Chief Executive Officers' Committee - Property Management. 


HPW manages approximately 1 million m2, and is located in over 180 government-owned buildings and more than 550 individual private sector leases.  

The accommodation portfolio comprises approximately 14% owned space and 86% space leased from the private sector. Historically, the government has constructed and owned a significant number of office buildings across the state. These buildings were constructed for long-term government use and the core accommodation that they provide is supplemented by accommodation leased from the commercial property market according to the additional areas and occupancy terms required. This approach: 

  • balances the risks involved in owning and leasing accommodation 
  • conserves government capital 
  • supports a viable commercial property market.  

The total rental revenue stream managed by HPW in relation to this accommodation exceeds $477 million. HPW also manages an office-building capital works program of approximately $10 million annually and an office accommodation program of approximately $12 million annually. In addition, approximately $14 million per year is spent on office building maintenance. 


The purpose of Section 1 is to describe the OAMF, including: 

  • its authority, scope, operating principles and environment 
  • the roles and responsibilities of associated inter-departmental committees 
  • the roles and responsibilities of HPW and other agencies. 


Queensland Government office accommodation is defined as the space in a building where the executive, administrative, technical and professional work of agencies is performed in either government-owned buildings or in private sector-leased premises. In this context, office accommodation also includes commercial and operational accommodation provided in buildings owned by HPW as well as commercial and operational accommodation leased from the private sector. 


The OAMF was endorsed by the Government Office Accommodation Committee on 19 November 2004 and was approved by Cabinet on 25 August 2005.