2.5 Fitout overview

Fitout describes the physical elements (partitions, workstations, loose furniture, screens, built-in furniture, technology, etc.) that transform basic space into a workplace. Fitout acquisition projects follow general project implementation procedures but also involve some additional technical project-approval steps. 

All new fitout projects and projects involving changes to existing fitout require assessment for consistency with the: 

Agencies may self-assess agency-funded projects with a value below $100,000. A formal submission to the Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) for assessment is required when projects up to $100,000 in value are wholly or partly funded through the Office Accommodation Program and when the value of any fitout project is over $100,000. Projects with a value over $250,000 are assessed by HPW. 

Fitout proposals that are not consistent with these standards and benchmarks (because of unique service-delivery circumstances) must be formally endorsed by the relevant agency's Director General or Chief Executive Officer before the above assessments. 

The original fitout will have been designed and constructed to comply with relevant acts and regulations. Alterations to, or refurbishment of, fitout must also comply with these acts and regulations and, in addition, must be acceptable to the building owner. 

Obtaining formal building-owner approval for fitout projects is mandatory for all fitout projects. Building-owner approval for fitout projects in both government-owned and private-sector-leased buildings must be obtained through the Queensland Government Accommodation Office (QGAO), HPW. 

Office fitout assets funded by QGAO or provided by the head lessor will remain under the control of QGAO. The occupant is not required to recognise these assets. Alterations organised and paid for by the occupant will be recognised and accounted for by the occupant. Office fitout maintenance and repair is also the responsibility of the agency that controls the fitout. 

Fitout processes and procedures are described in detail in Guideline 3: Fitout