6. Building-related issues

The Department of Housing and Public Works (HPW) is responsible for the asset management of the government-owned office buildings that it controls. These buildings are managed and maintained in accordance with applicable legislation and asset management best practice. The responsibility for the management and maintenance of ‘major leased’ buildings varies according to the lease conditions. 

Building-related issues affecting occupants in government-owned and ‘major leased’ buildings should be referred to: 

  • the building services controller, if located in the building 
  • the relevant property manager, Queensland Government Accommodation Office (QGAO) for HPW-owned or ‘major leased’ buildings. 

Landlords and/or their agents are responsible for the building management functions and certain maintenance of ‘other leased’ buildings, subject to the terms and conditions of each lease. 

Any enquiries or fault reporting affecting occupants in ‘other leased’ buildings should be referred to the relevant lease manager, QGAO, who will take up the issue with the building’s landlord and/or agent.