QSS continues to make access easier for our customers

Published 19/02/2020

Single sign-on (SSO) is now available on Aurion ACE Employee Self Service (ESS). 

Queensland Shared Services (QSS) has been making it easier for people to access different applications using SSO with For Government launching in June 2019 and the QSS Self Service Centre in December 2019.

What is single sign-on?

SSO is an authentication process that allows you to access multiple services and applications with your agency username and password. 

Who can use SSO on Aurion ACE ESS?

More than 30,000 government employees will be able to access Aurion ACE ESS via SSO. Check out the list of Aurion ACE ESS, SSO enabled agencies to learn more.

How do I use SSO?

SSO is simple to use. However if you need help, refer to the steps outlined on For Government

Why should I use SSO?

  • Improved user experience by providing one-click access to applications. SSO eliminates the need to complete redundant sign-on attempts across applications and the frustration of managing multiple passwords. 
  • SSO increases productivity by reducing the time you spend looking up usernames and passwords and giving you faster access to applications and services.
  • Saves your agency money by reducing the likelihood that you will call your IT service desk to reset passwords and unlock accounts.
  • Provides stronger security: SSO strengthens security by reducing the number of passwords you need to manage. 

Where can I get help?

If you experience any issues using SSO, please contact the Customer Support team by:


Queensland Shared Services