One year for one number

Published 24/01/2020

Queensland Shared Services (QSS) has been using one contact number for most customer enquiries for a year now. It’s made it easier for you to contact us, saved you time, and given us a much clearer picture of your enquiries.

Our goal

In 2019 we consolidated our many contact numbers into one, with an easy-to-use menu. We promised it would deliver a better customer experience and greater visibility of your enquiries.

Our scorecard

Since we introduced One Number, our customer support team has answered over 170,000 calls—an average of 700 calls per day.

You’ve told us we’re providing helpful, timely service and given us an 88% customer satisfaction rating.

We now know our:

  • average call time is 5 minutes
  • busiest day is Tuesday (followed closely by Monday)
  • quietest day is Friday
  • busiest time of year is the first week of July (due to end-of-financial year payment summaries)
  • quietest day of the year is Christmas Eve.

Our top enquiries include:

  • timesheets
  • leave
  • accessing Aurion ESS
  • payment summaries and payslips
  • pay adjustments
  • requesting a new phone or changes to a phone.

What’s next

With more visibility on the types of calls you’re making, and when, we’ll be able to continue to improve our services, making it easier for you to do business with us.

In 2020, we’ll move payroll enquiries for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Transport and Main Roads to One Number.

We’ll also introduce new telephony technology to help us manage call queues and provide better reporting.


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