Unpacking Working for Queensland survey results

This year, more than 75,000 Queensland public sector employees made their opinion count through the annual Working for Queensland (WfQ) employee survey. That’s a huge cross-section of employees sharing their workplace experiences, celebrating what’s great, as well as ideas for making the public sector an even better place to work.

We can all take the opportunity to continue the conversation and help drive positive workplace change. Everyone has a role to play, but how do you get started?

  • apply a human-centred design approach to opportunities for improvement
  • find the connection between your work and your organisation’s values
  • start a conversation with your colleagues
  • join a working group in your agency or division 
  • senior leaders can make an impact by actively supporting positive change
  • be the change you want to see.

View WfQ as the starting point

WfQ coordinators from across the sector recently attended the second WfQ Insights for best practice event to consider this. The guest speaker was Sunsuper’s Adam Fitzhenry (Manager, Employee Experience and Communication), who shared some of the ways his organisation uses their employee engagement survey results to foster a workplace culture that reflects their corporate values, and drives their vision and goals.

Sunsuper’s approach is similar to many Queensland public sector agencies: at a strategic and operational level, they avoid being overwhelmed by the survey data and focus on a maximum of three main outcomes.

Their employee experience survey is just the starting point, sparking further investigation of the matters at hand, using human-centred design to explore solutions and then after further testing, implement and measure the success of the new experience. There is an intersection between employee experience and organisation design, which connects the workplace, culture and technology.

Join the dots with organisation values and the work you do

Adam emphasised the importance of senior leaders owning their survey results and supporting employees to make connections between the work that they do everyday and how their organisation can make a difference for their customers. For Queensland public sector employees, this is the opportunity to #BeHere4Qld and to serve communities across the state by aligning our work with our sector values: customers first, ideas into action, unleash potential, be courageous, empower people.

The Leadership and learning hub has some handy resources for fostering engaging workplaces through meaningful conversations with your team members. This is something leaders at all levels can take ownership of.

At the WfQ Insights event, the Department of Education shared the links they make between their core service delivery, strategic plan and their WfQ focus areas. They are able to demonstrate that employees are heard and how the survey acts as a driver for employee opportunities aligned to the sector values, and as a measure of other activity aimed at improving employee experience.

Everyone has a role to play

The Department of Health embeds WfQ in a multi-year approach to employee engagement, with the survey serving to both drive activity and measure other strategic initiatives. Their agency-wide working group explore ways to give greater visibility to a wide range of employees and the important work they all contribute to ‘keeping Queenslanders healthy’. The department also recognises the importance of visibility of senior leadership, and host activities to directly connect their Director-General with employees right around the state. As well as these topline actions, WfQ also informs divisional activities, driving stronger employee engagement.

So what steps can you take to make positive change in your team and in your agency?

For more inspiration about translating survey results into meaningful agency outcomes, read this case study about the Department of Mines, Natural Resources and Energy.


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