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QAS makes the move from Lattice to Aurion

Published 22/02/2019

Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) is set to make its transition from Lattice to Aurion payroll on 4 March 2019—stage 2 of the Lattice Replacement project.

QAS will migrate to a separate instance of Aurion—Aurion ESE. Aurion ESE is a replica of Aurion ACE, with the same functionality and configuration. We created it for QAS so that we could complete our machinery-of-government (MoG) work in 2018 without impacting QAS’s migration.

Migrating to Aurion will provide QAS with the benefit of a fully supported system and align them with the payroll system common to the rest of the Queensland Government. This consolidation means that future machinery-of-government (MoG) changes and inter-agency staff movements will be much easier.

How will QAS benefit?

Once migrated, QAS employees will be paid from Aurion and have access to Aurion Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Through Aurion, all QAS employees will be able to:

  • view and update personal details (address, emergency contacts and bank account details)
  • check their pay advice (payslips), year-to-date financial information and payment summaries
  • view employment history, licences (professional registration) and immunisation records
  • predict future leave balances and view leave history.

Public service employees will also be able to apply for leave and record their timesheets through Aurion, and managers will be able to approve them online.

Operational employees will continue to use eTimesheet to apply for leave and entitlements, but the information will be updated to Aurion automatically.

How are we progressing?

The Lattice Replacement project team have worked closely with the Department of Housing and Public Works’ (HPW) Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) program, QAS and QSS managers to prepare for go-live. The team have completed all key project activities including system and business verification testing and a go-live simulation.

QAS and QSS, with the support of Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA), are now confirming business readiness and preparing change support documentation. Regular business readiness meetings are underway to ensure we’re on track for a successful go-live.

What's next?

Once QAS’s transition is complete, the Lattice Replacement project team will focus on stage 3—migrating Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). A timeline for the transition will be determined then.


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