Preparing employees for the future of work

Global research tells us the nature of work, workers and workforce is changing at an unprecedented rate and megatrends are influencing where, when and how we do the work of government.

The 10 year human capital outlook and 3 year strategic roadmap provide the Queensland public sector with a clear plan for our future workforce – recognising leadership and capability as one of four levers for change. Download the 10 year human capital outlook (PDF, 904 KB) and 3 year strategic roadmap (PDF, 805 KB).

Like us, Dr. Shelley Robbins of Capella University advocates for the development of leadership skills in all employees if people leaders are to be prepared for the future of work. “Leadership is so diffused within organisations today that every employee needs to be equipped to make good decisions, to motivate people, to engage others, and initiate change.”

Dr. Robbins explains. “In other words, everyone needs to know how to lead. We think about this as ‘small l’ leadership, as compared to the ‘big L’ leadership, which refers to leaders with a title of Manager, Director, or Vice President. The reality is that we ask all employees to demonstrate leadership qualities in today’s workplace. Therefore, they need to have the skills and training to do so effectively. That needs to be a people leader’s mindset going forward.”

The good news for you is that the public sector now has Leadership competencies for Queensland which set out the foundations for success of leaders at all levels. These competencies translate the expectations about what good leadership looks like. In clear behavioural terms they support all public sector employees to lead and work in new ways to deliver the best outcomes for the community we serve.

Want to know more about how you can embed Leadership competencies for Queensland in your work and workplace? Contact the Queensland Public Service Commission today via


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