Leave loading and Queensland State Wage case payments

Published 04/12/2019

You may notice a little extra in your first pay for December 2019.

Why is my pay higher?

Some employees receive a leave loading each year as a lump sum payment. Your pay may include your annual leave loading payment for 2019.

Your pay may also include the State Wage Case (SWC) 2019 salary increase and adjustments.

Why pay them together?

There’s no advantage in paying these payments in different fortnights. They will attract the same amount of tax.

They’ll be paid as separate arrears payments and taxed separately to each other and separately to your fortnightly earnings.

Your fortnightly pay and tax won’t be affected.

Why does my payslip look different?

If you received an annual leave loading payment, you'll notice an additional line on your payslip with this amount.

If your pay includes the SWC increase and adjustments, you'll notice adjustments on your payslip from 1 September 2019. We had to recalculate your pay from the date the SWC increase and adjustments apply. 

Further information

You can see a breakdown of what you’ve been paid and taxed in your pay advice on Aurion (or alternative payroll system). If you have questions, please speak to your HR representative.

If you have any further questions about these payments and your tax, please speak to your accountant.


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