Fake SmartJobs website addresses

Published 22/01/2019

What's happening?

Recently a number of fake website addresses very similar to the Queensland Government SmartJobs website (https://smartjobs.qld.gov.au) were created. These include:

  • smartjobsqldgovau.info
  • smartjobsqldgovau.com.

These addresses are not real websites, and are not related to the SmartJobs website. They could be part of a larger email or phishing scam.

What do you need to do?

You need to be more vigilant than ever with your email and website security practices:

  • Check the website address in your browser (https://smartjobs.qld.gov.au).
  • Think before clicking links and entering information, especially when emails are unexpected.
  • Check sender addresses to confirm the email has come from the correct address or domain.
  • Hover your cursor over links to ensure the destination is a valid government domain (i.e. it ends with qld.gov.au).
  • Report the scam to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

We would never request login information from you by email. If you receive an email that asks you to log in, or update your login and password details, do not:

  • click on any of the links provided in the email
  • open or download any attachments in the email
  • forward or reply to the email.


If you have any further questions or concerns, call 13 QGOV (13 74 68).