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CX research and design helps One number kick its first goal!

Published 25/01/2019

On 2 January 2019 the One number initiative added a new voice menu to existing QSS phone numbers—the first step in our move to one number.

More than 6,000 customers used the new menu in the first 2 weeks it was active, and our monitoring showed they were comfortable navigating through the prompts to the correct QSS area.

Angela Cannon, Performance & Assurance Manager and initiative lead, attributes much of the launch’s success to the customer research and usability testing done before the final voice recording.

What did we do?

The Customer Experience Design team conducted face-to-face usability testing with customers. They set up the new phone menu structure in a computer testing tool and observed which menu options participants selected to get help in different situations.

Customers talked through their expectations as they completed each scenario. They said things like:

  • 'I think I would have chosen systems for Aurion.'
  • 'So a new phone? I guess it’s telecommunications.'
  • 'Higher duties I think is a payroll enquiry. And I’d be fairly confident that I’m in the right place.'
  • 'So we’re looking at advertising so that would be a recruitment enquiry.'
  • 'Ok so it has to do with finance. Definitely finance. I’d jump straight there. And accounts payable. I feel pretty confident about that one.'

To validate the results of the face-to-face sessions, the team distributed the study online to the broader CX participant pool.

They analysed the results and recommended changes to refine the menu before it launched.

What’s next?

QSS will continue to monitor calls and customer navigation through the new menu, and will complete further customer experience analysis and improvements where appropriate.

From 1 February 2019, our 1300 number will be in effect. You will be able to call us directly using this number, and all existing numbers will redirect to it.

To coincide with the official launch of 1300 146 370, we’ll update our QSS contacts page on For government. This page will help you decide when you should use the 1300 number and when you should call another number.

It will also provide online alternatives to calling us. In many situations you can visit the QSS Self Service Centre to submit an enquiry, which will be sent to the relevant QSS area, and which you can track under My requests.


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