Condeco’s single sign-on functionality gets a facelift!

Published 15/03/2019

We’re updating the look and feel of the single sign-on (SSO) functionality Condeco uses for their room booking service. We use Condeco for room bookings at some government buildings (e.g. 1 William Street and 140 Creek Street).

Condeco’s use of SSO means that you don’t have to create a username and password to access this service. You log in using your government employee credentials.

What’s single sign-on?

SSO is an authentication process that allows you to access multiple services and applications with 1 username and password.

Most Queensland Government employees use their work email address and network password for SSO.

When you first access a Queensland Government application or service that uses SSO, you need to identify the agency you work for.

For Condeco room bookings, the agency selection page was green with a list of coloured tiles for agencies (some grouped together).

You might not remember the page because you only need to select your agency once.

SSO authenticates your login information with your agency’s directory of active users and remembers your credentials. You only end up back at this page if you clear your browser history or access the service from a new device.

What’s changing?

Condeco’s new agency selection page has a:

  • clean, white background
  • dark blue header with text and the Queensland Government Coat of Arms
  • individual tiles for each government agency (name in full).

The update aligns the visual design of the SSO agency selection page to other Queensland Government interfaces. It should also make your agency selection process quicker and easier to navigate, with larger, clearer agency tiles.

Why are we updating the agency selection page?

We’re updating the SSO agency selection page in preparation for more Queensland Government applications and services activating and using SSO for their log in process. They’ll make use of this page in the same way Condeco does.

The For government website is set to make use of this functionality in the coming months. This will mean you’ll no longer need to log in to view private information published for Queensland Government employees only.

QSS is also looking at enabling SSO for the QSS Self Service Centre and Aurion ACE ESS.

Who can use SSO?

Most Queensland Government employees can use SSO. Agencies got access to SSO as part of the 1 William Street ICT project.

As more services deploy SSO functionality, providing your agency authorises you to use the application or service, you’ll automatically gain access.


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