Are you delivering what Queensland communities want?

The Queensland Government’s Responsive Government team, as part of delivering on the Advancing Queensland’s Priority, Be a responsive government, wants to improve the way we embed place-based solutions into the policy and services we create.

The Mandarin’s Maria Katsonis, in her assessment of ANZSOG’s report into the Australian Public Service, Delivering local solutions should not be an afterthought, highlights that Australia has not seen the social and economic improvements to match investment in many communities. Katonis argues that local solutions will help. They need to become a priority rather than an overhead or an afterthought.
To make sure we shape policy and services in areas that matter to Queenslanders, the Responsive Government team wants you to put Queenslanders at the centre of your policymaking and service design. This means taking a human-centred design approach. 

It may sound simple—placing the needs of people at the centre of a design process—but how many of us can say we’re applying this?

For help, you can:

•    access online resources
•    complete an e-learning pilot
•    register for a 2-day face-to-face training session

Take advantage today, and make your next project count for Queenslanders.


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