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Request a printed payslip online!

Published 04/12/2018

You can now request a printed payslip using our new Request a printed payslip (online) form. You no longer need to print, sign, and email a PDF attachment to us.

Who can use this?

Employees from Aurion ESS agencies who can’t access ESS, and employees from agencies that don’t use ESS. Your agency just needs to opt in.

How does my agency opt in?

Speak to your HR representative. A HR manager or director can email QSSCustomerRelationship@hpw.qld.gov.au with approval. We’ll make the form available on the QSS Self Service Centre within 5 business days.

Why have we done this?

We’re committed to evolving our traditional processes to gain efficiencies and improve satisfaction. Earlier in the year we launched Start my pay online to great success.

Online forms make it easier for you to do business with us. They’re designed to give you the best experience by, for example, only displaying questions when they’re relevant. They:

  • save you time—no printing, signing and scanning to return a form to us
  • reduce processing times—as soon as it’s approved, it’s with the correct QSS payroll team for processing
  • help the environment—saving paper and ink.

How does it work?

The Request a printed payslip (online) form will be available in the QSS Self Service Centre for agencies who have opted in.

Employees (or agency HR professionals) will use this form to get payslips sent by post.

  1. The employee completes the Request a printed payslip (online) form in the QSS Self Service Centre and nominates a supervisor.
  2. The employee gets an email notification that confirms we’ve received the form and requested their supervisor’s approval.
  3. The employee’s nominated supervisor gets an email notification requesting they review and approve or reject the request.
  4. If the supervisor doesn't approve or reject the request, they’ll get a daily reminder until they do.
  5. The employee and supervisor will be able to track the progress of the job in their My request page in the QSS Self Service Centre.
  6. Once approved or rejected, the employee will receive an email notification of the outcome.
  7. If approved, the QSS payroll team will process the request and will start to send payslips by post.
  8. The QSS payroll team will continue to send the payslip by post until the employee or supervisor tells them to stop.
The PDF form is still available for agencies that choose not to opt in.


QSSCustomerRelationship [at] hpw.qld.gov.au
Queensland Shared Services