Refuel your fleet with biofuels

Drivers of QFleet vehicles are required to refuel with E10 to comply with the Queensland Government’s Retail Fuel Purchases Policy and support renewable energy sources.

The Queensland Government biofuels mandate began on 1 January 2017 and sets minimum requirements for the sale of ethanol-blended regular unleaded petrol and biobased diesel. To support the mandate, the government has implemented a policy requiring all compatible Queensland Government petrol vehicles to be refuelled using E10 where practical.

Most QFleet petrol-fuelled vehicles are E10 compatible and should be refuelled with E10. Find the nearest E10 service station with the E10 OK Fuel Finder.

Learn more about biofuels and check if your vehicle is E10 OK.

The Retail Fuel Purchases Policy outlines the requirement for the use of biofuels in Queensland Government vehicles, stating:

All compatible Queensland Government petrol vehicles are to be refuelled using E10 where it is practical to do so. It is deemed to be practical to use E10 if the vehicle is compatible with E10 and E10 is available at the service station where the fuel is intended to be purchased or at a suitable alternative service station. 

QFleet encourages drivers to act on the Retail Fuel Purchases Policy—plan ahead and fill up with E10.

Learn more about refuelling your QFleet vehicle.


Paul Hodda
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