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QSS's One Number initiative ramping up

Published 04/12/2018

Our One Number initiative is gaining momentum. We’ve confirmed the options for you to select when you call us from early next year, and tested these with participants from our CX participant pool.

We’re collating and analysing the feedback, and we’ll make any recommended refinements before our launch in January.

What’s happening?

From January 2019, we’ll introduce a series of prompts to our existing suite of phone numbers to help you through to the appropriate area (no matter the number you call). Then, in February, we’ll launch our new number, 1300 146 370, which will replace most of our active phone lines.

What do you need to do?

We’ll update the QSS contact page and other relevant pages on the For government website, but we need you to do the same with your in-house material. You’ll need to review and update any QSS contact numbers published on your intranet, in your systems or listed in signature blocks.

We’ll notify you when this needs to happen.

There will be some QSS phone numbers that are not included in the new service and will still be available. The QSS contact page will be updated to make it clear when you should use the 1300 number and when you should call another number.

Can I go online instead?

Yes. Use Ask a question or report a problem in the QSS Self Service Centre to answer a few questions and log your request or issue with the appropriate area. You’ll receive a reference number and updates on the progress of your request.


Visit QSS’s One Number initiative page for more information and go-live dates.


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