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QSS moving to one number

Published 18/10/2018

You’ll soon be able to contact Queensland Shared Services (QSS) on a single phone number.

From January 2019, we’ll introduce a series of prompts to our existing suite of telephone numbers to help you through to the appropriate area (no matter the number you call). Then, in February, we’ll launch our new number, 1300 146 370, which will replace most of our active phone lines.

You’ll no longer have to remember multiple phone numbers, or go searching for them, and you’ll no longer have to guess the correct number and area best equipped to handle your enquiry.

With more than 100 active telephone numbers, there will be a few that remain unique and available. The For government website contact page will be updated to support this and help you identify when you should use the 1300 number and when you should call a number directly.


Visit QSS’s One Number initiative page for more information and go-live dates.


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