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QSS is a key player in the MoG changes

Published 15/01/2018

Queensland Shared Services (QSS) is here to help you with most things to do with finance, HR, mail and telecommunications, and of course with the machinery-of-government (MoG) changes.

We’re involved in many aspects of the MoG. We will:

  • move thousands of public servants (virtually) on the payroll to their new departments
  • help staff in the new structures get appropriate access and approvals in finance, HR and telecoms systems, as well as issue new corporate cards and update bank accounts
  • update our Self Service Centre with new department names and email addresses so you can log in and self serve, as well as add links to your old profiles to maintain your history
  • help agencies communicate their new department name and update official records with bodies like the ATO, banks, telecom providers and superannuation funds.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are being ‘MoGd’ to another department ourselves!

Please be patient while we make all the changes we need in all our systems to ensure you’re set up in the best way possible.

Self Service Centre login

We’ll soon update our Self Service Centre with a message asking you to continue to use your old email address. To help us avoid creating duplicate accounts, please don’t use new email addresses yet.

Your agency contacts

Your agency has key contacts who are managing your MoG changes. We are liaising with them, so please contact your agency MoG coordinator about any changes you need.

Planning is vital

We have a lot to do and are gathering as much detail as possible so we can action our work in the quickest and most efficient way. This will help us avoid delays due to unexpected dependencies, and minimise duplication and rework.

Your patience now will help us avoid inconvenience later.

More information

See answers to frequently asked questions about how we're managing this work, what's involved and when it will be done.

Please contact the Customer Relationship team at cx@dsiti.qld.gov.au with any questions.