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QPS gets a payroll system upgrade!

Published 09/02/2018

Today Queensland Shared Services (QSS) successfully upgraded Queensland Police Service (QPS) to Aurion version 11.28 (from version 10.4).

What’s new?

QPS staff will benefit from advanced new features like single sign on, automated timesheeting and workflow approvals!

Single sign on

QPS employees will no longer need to log in to access Aurion Employee Self Service (ESS) or Manager Self Service (MSS).

We know that our customers want single sign on across all systems and platforms, and we will closely monitor QPS’s experience with Aurion single sign on to assess the potential for other customers to use it.


Non-shift standard QPS Public Service Award employees will enjoy automated timesheeting and allowance claiming with Timekeeper. This module allows users to claim allowances, and capture and record:

  • standard and accrued hours
  • overtime
  • TOIL
  • additional part-time hours.

Moving onto Timekeeper aligns QPS with the rest-of-government Aurion ACE users, and is another step in modernising and consolidating our systems.


Aurion 11.28 progresses timesheets, leave requests, claims and other forms electronically to the appropriate approver via position-based reporting relationships. No more chasing approvals!


CX [at] dsiti.qld.gov.au
Queensland Shared Services