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One online request for Queenslanders to update their address!

Published 26/02/2018

The Queensland Government’s new Change of address service means Queenslanders can update their residential details and postal address across multiple agencies via a single online request.

Nobody wants to waste time updating their address details on multiple sites, especially when the services belong to one entity like the Queensland Government.

‘We began piloting Change of address in August 2015 and at that time you could update your address with 12 services. Today, your residential address will be updated across any Queensland Government service,’ said Fiona Armstrong, General Manager, One Stop Shop.

It might seem like a relatively simple thing to do—join up systems that track a customer’s address details so that multiple agencies can be notified at once—but it’s something governments have grappled with for some time.
Queensland is taking the lead in personalised, digital services. We recently released our vision of a ‘digital by default’ future (DIGITAL1ST), which puts people at the heart of services.

The Change of address service is a terrific example of government listening and proactively making changes to enhance the customer experience.

‘Queenslanders only need to tell us once, and we can update their details for their drivers or boat licence, Seniors Card, Land Valuation, Breast Screenings, Bond Loans and a myriad of other services. It’s a real time saver for customers,’ said Fiona.


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