News stories lightning guide

For government lightning guide!

Is my news story suitable?

Ensure one of the following applies:

  • It is of interest to all government employees, employees of multiple agencies, or members of a profession across Queensland Government (e.g. procurement).
  • It relates to a product or service Queensland Government agencies provide to each other.

Write stories using the 'bite, snack, meal' format.

  • Bite: the story title. Users scan headlines for keywords that interest them and either read on or move on. 
  • Snack: the summary that appears on the News aggregation page, giving users a sample of the story’s contents. The snack should tell users whether or not a story affects them.
  • Meal: the body of your story is the complete meal. It should answer all the user’s questions and leave them as satisfied as if they’d just finished a Sunday roast.


  • Add banner or cut-in images as long as they add value to or explain your text—not just because they’re pretty.
  • Remove logos of third-party organisations or non-government programs.
  • Ensure images are Queensland-specific. Check that cars, uniforms, signs, etc. are appropriate.
  • Check that the image is royalty-free or that people shown in the image have signed a film/photo consent form.
  • Format files with the usual QGov web specifications (72dpi etc.).

Consult with the QSS Customer Online team if you need guidance.

Home page feature story

If you think your story warrants front page exposure, you can request a For government home page feature to link to your story.

Features appear at the bottom of our home page (and need a 390 x 189 image).

Contact the QSS Customer Online team with questions. Email or phone (07) 3035 4410.