Find out what this means if you're using version 3 of the Single Website Experience (SWE3) and what version 4 (SWE4) has to offer.

We've moved For government to version 4 of the Single Website Experience (SWE4). This has changed the appearance of our header and footer and introduced a new search concierge.

The new search concierge provides readers with page suggestions and promotes featured content based on their search terms.

The new header layout and appearance for For government after SWE4.

There's also new breadcrumb links at the top of each page to improve navigation on the website.

The new breadcrumb layout and appearance on For government after SWE4.

New page components for publishers

SWE4 gives publishers more components to select from when publishing content on For government. This includes an image gallery component and an accordion page layout.

Most SWE3 components and features will continue to work with SWE4.

What is the SWE?

Designers and developers of products and services on some Queensland Government websites must adhere to the SWE design model.

The SWE design model provides styles, page models, components and guidelines to help agencies publish simple, consistent, customer-centric information for Queenslanders.

If your website uses SWE3, contact your agency web team to update it to SWE4.

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