QSS has refreshed and automated the way we communicate with you and your candidates during the recruitment process.

Queensland Shared Services (QSS) customers now get a more streamlined and enhanced recruitment experience.

We've automated 7 existing recruitment emails, ensuring your communications are delivered more quickly and efficiently during your recruitment process. We've also reviewed the language and content of the recruitment emails and simplified them to make it easier for you to complete your recruitment activities.


We'll start sending automated recruitment emails from Monday 25 January 2021.

What's changed?

Our recruitment system, Springboard, will send automated emails at different stages of the recruitment process, rather than the QSS Recruitment team manually sending them.

To ensure you can plan your recruitment activities, these emails will outline why it's been sent, what action is needed, what will happen next, and what will happen later.

Easier for candidates too

We've also reviewed the language of the emails sent to candidates. We're including information that will help them understand our recruitment process and set expectations around timeframes and next steps.

To keep candidates better informed of the status of their application, we're introducing a new email in February 2021 which will notify candidates if they have not been shortlisted for interview.

This addresses feedback from the Public Service Commission's Voice of the candidate research work in 2019. Candidates told us they would like to know sooner if their application is not progressing.

We are also exploring the possibility of notifying candidates when the job advertisement is closed. This will require further system enhancements which will be considered for future upgrades.

Springboard enhancements

To enable Springboard to send an email to candidates when they're not shortlisted, we need to make some adjustments to Springboard's folders.

We'll introduce new functionality when you move a candidate to the Not shortlist folder; an email will be generated. A warning message will display when you do this to remind you that we'll send the email.

The email will advise candidates they've not been shortlisted. It won't state they've been unsuccessful. Circumstances may change and you may want to shortlist the candidate later. The candidate will receive an unsuccessful email once you complete the recruitment process and QSS Recruitment moves all unsuccessful candidates to the Unsuccessful folder.

For more information

To find out more about managing the recruitment process, see Manage job applications (Springboard) or email requesttohire@hpw.qld.gov.au.