The Public Service Commission and Chief Executive Leadership Board have partnered with the Australian and New Zealand School of Government to provide access to an exciting, targeted executive leadership development program for 2021/2022.

Developing leadership capability is vital for a future focused and responsive public sector.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) and Chief Executive Leadership Board have once again partnered with the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) to provide Queensland public sector leaders with access to a series of cross-cohort masterclasses and bespoke learning groups in 2021/2022.


  • Available to Leadership Board agencies.
  • Targeted to Executives (SES and equivalent) and Program leaders (SO/AO8 and equivalent).
  • Facilitated by a group of leading domestic and international thinkers on public management and leadership.
  • 6 interactive, online masterclasses (three in 2021, three in 2022)
  • Up to 400 places in each session.


  • Leading in the new novel-normal–August 2021
  • Leading responsively–October 2021
  • Systems leadership: community engagement in policy and service design–November 2021


Building a diverse and inclusive public sector

  • Thursday 24 February
  • In this masterclass, Lil Anderson will explore how the capability to connect with communities makes a difference to policy outcomes and enables an effective community engagement and partnership journey.
  • Lil Anderson (Te Rarawa and Ngāpuhi) is the Tumu Whakarae (Chief Executive) of the public service and wider state sector.

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Governance, accountability and ethics

  • Wednesday 27 April
  • In this masterclass, Gill Callister will explore building ethical organisations through the lenses of culture, compliance and governance, while assisting participants to identify what they can do as a leader to build an ethical culture.
  • Gill Callister is the CEO of MIND, a national community-based Mental Health organisation providing care, support and& advocacy services to people with Mental Health needs. Prior to joining MIND, Gill was Vice President, Thought Leadership & Ethics and Integrity at ANZSOG until July 2020.

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Thriving in the digital age

  • Wednesday 25 May
  • In this masterclass, Professor Dr. Ines Mergel will explore the digital transformation of the public sector and the new methods and competencies that are required to rethink how government organisations are delivering services.
  • Professor Dr. Ines Mergel is a full professor of Digital Governance at the University of Konstanz (Germany), Department of Politics and Public Administration, has received a Doctor of Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and spent six years at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

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Learning groups

By invitation.

  • 2 rounds of 3 x learning groups (one round in 2021 and one in 2022)
  • Available to Leadership Board agencies.
  • Delivered by Catherine Althaus or Robin Ryde
  • Complimentary to masterclasses–enabling reflection, applied learning and collective problem solving.
  • Dedicated learning groups for Executives (SES and equivalent), Program leaders (AO8/SO and equivalent) and Chief Human Resources Officers or emerging Chief Human Resources Officers (SO/AO8 or equivalent)
  • Agency nominated


Name: Public Service Commission
Phone: (07) 3003 2800